LGBT+ Family & Games is a nonprofit organization for LGBT+ individuals founded originally as a community on Discord. We have since expanded to multiple platforms and have built this site to provide news and information for the community at large.


Hello and welcome to!

We have been toying around with a few different options on what would best serve the community under our .com domain and have even tested a few other concepts. LGBT+ Family & Games started out as an LGBT+ friendly gaming community on Discord under the very generic name "Gaymers". Over time a few things became pretty clear:

  • The community was about more than just gaming - it was a place where LGBT+ folks could discuss a number of topics and share their personal experiences.
  • Some people found that the community was providing a much-needed escape from the troubles in their day-to-day lives.
  • The name "Gaymers" did not match what the community had grown into.
With these things in mind, we decided to "rebrand" the name of the community to be more inclusive of the LBT+ parts of LGBT+. After running through hundreds of options for a name we finally came up with the perfect one: LGBT+ Family & Games or LFG for short. This was a bit of a nod towards our gaming roots while also an effort to be more inclusive as a whole. After the "rebrand" we focused on expanding our staff to be as inclusive as our name so that we represented all parts of the LGBT+ community.

Fast-forward a year to the end of 2017. With a constantly growing member base, the staff began to see even more people benefiting from the community as a safe-haven. It was at this point the decision to incorporate and become a nonprofit organization came to mind. We worked quickly to get the necessary affairs in order and defined our mission:

"To connect LGBT+ individuals in safe communities across the world while also providing much-needed resources and education along with personal and professional growth opportunities."
In early 2018 everything became official. LGBT+ Family & Games, Inc was formed as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we have continued work towards fulfilling our mission ever since. This website is part of that mission. It is our hope that this community news site will become another community for LGBT+ and provide useful information, an escape, a laugh, or an outlet for thousands more!

So welcome to the Family - we hope to see more of you and would love if you were able to contribute content to this site or participate in the community😁.


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