With all of us staying physically apart it can be a bit lonely in the world right now. Here are some ways the LGBT+ Family & Games community is staying social and having fun!

Remember when this was a thing?

Remember when this was a thing?

Interaction Online

So while we cannot partake in group selfies right now we can still be social online. Many people have been turning to video calls and other ways to interact. The LGBT+ Family & Games community on Discord has had a number of fun events where we get together and have some fun. Here are some of our favorite activities right now...

1. Video Chat

We have gotten together on jitsi - a free web conferencing service. Sometimes seeing someone else's face can be enough to break the monotony of only socializing with family. While on the video chat we will all talk and some of us do other activities that are fun to watch like cooking or even playing video games.

2. Jackbox Games

While there are plenty of other games to play together we find that the Jackbox Party Pack games are really fun to play as a group and get everyone laughing - which is sometimes the best medicine in these tough times. We frequently get groups of 10 or more in a voice call on Discord playing along on their own devices.

3. Movie Nights

While it might not be the same as going to a movie theater or Netflix and Chill, watching a movie with friends over a streaming service like Kast (formerly rabb.it) is super fun. If movies seem too long we turn to TV and anime shows. If Kast isn't an option we have also had a lot of success with Metastream.

4. Just chatting on Discord

We have a lot of fun chatting with each other on Discord. Come join the community and hang out! https://discord.gg/lgbtfam


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