The LGBT+ Family & Games community is gearing up for some serious tabletop campaigns. With the recent acquisition of a Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license, there will be more campaigns to enjoy.

LFG Gears up for Mor Tabletop Campaigns

After the completion of the first Pathfinder game in LFG on Roll20, we have invested in the Fantasy Grounds Ultimate license so we can set up even more campaigns. The best part is that anyone wanting to participate can do so free of charge with a Fantasy Grounds demo account.

One of the LFG Discord moderators, Roxas, is hard at work creating a campaign that will be great for new and veteran players alike:

A "West Marches" style campaign like I'll be running starts and ends in the same place every time, so it's a very short-form adventure, very easy to jump into, and can account for inconsistencies with players. I'll be making some pre-generated characters that I can assign If people just want to jump in for a session to try it out. That way it's not a concern if someone just shows up 10 minutes before and says they want to play.

Generally speaking, I would like people to be there at the beginning of the event, but there will probably be a bit of wiggle room to let people join in later. Otherwise, the way I'm formatting this basically means we can get new people whenever and people can drop in or drop out as they please in between sessions.

It'll usually be a couple of hours, and I'll be willing to DM for a minimum of 3 party members maximum 8-9 at once, though I can make accommodations if more than that wind up joining in.

Mor information about this event and other gaming and community events is available in the LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) Discord community. You can join at any time using our invite link



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